Industry Workshops

Industry Workshops will be held on Tuesday September 24 in the afternoon







Detection of in utero Drug Exposure Using Umbilical Cord Tissue by Liquid Chromatography Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry (TOF)

Presented by Agilent

Lunch will be served



Presenter: Stephanie Marin Ph.D.

R&D Investigator

ARUP Laboratories

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New Developments in Tacrolimus and Spice Testing

Presented by Abbott

Abbott Diagnostics


State of the Art in Tacrolimus Testing

Presented by: Prof. Pierre Wallemacq

Professor of Toxicology, Clinical Chemistry and TDM

Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL)

Brussels, Belgium


Validation of a Urine Test for K2 Spice Synthetic Cannabinoids on the ARCHITECT System

Presented by: Lt. Dr. Abdel Hadi Farah

Forensic Expert

Abu Dhabi Police Forensic Lab



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Advances in LC/MS for Clinical and Toxicology Research Labs

Presented by Thermo Scientific

Lunch will be served

Thermo Scientific


Jenny Jasinska-Olsen

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Franklin, MA


Marta Kozak

Thermo Fisher Scientific, San Jose, CA


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Measurement of immunosuppressant drugs: The importance of metrological traceability and assay standardization

Presented by Waters



Routine laboratory measurements of the immunosuppressive agents administered following organ transplantation are not standardized. This lack of standardization confounds the interpretation of clinical trials that aim to define therapeutic ranges and to elucidate the concentration-effect relationship for these drugs, and may ultimately impact negatively on patient care.

Join us for this informative workshop and hear from experts about the importance of metrological traceability, measurement uncertainty and commutability of reference materials for the successful standardization of immunosuppressant measurement techniques. The impact of these factors will be highlighted in a retrospective analysis of lesson learned from an international proficiency testing scheme.


National Metrology Institute (NMI) Activities to Help Standardise the TDM of Immunosuppressants

Presenter: Christopher Mussell

Science Leader – Organic Analysis Team

Measurement Research Division

LGC Limited

Teddington, UK


Prescribing Immunosuppressives: The lessons from Proficiency Testing data

Presenter: Professor David W Holt, BSc, PhD, DSc (Med), CSci, EurClin Chem, EFESC, FRCPath

Emeritus Professor of Bioanalytics, St George’s – University of London

Director, Analytical Services International Limited

London, UK


About the speakers:

Chris Mussell is a Science Leader in the Measurement Research Division at LGC. He has been an analytical chemist for over 20 years, working in a wide range of application areas from δ13C isotope ratio measurements of methane gas in samples from Azerbaijan, to his current work developing high accuracy exact matching isotope dilution liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry based methodology for everolimus (Zortress®, Certican®) in whole blood, via the analysis of army surplus tents for elevated levels of organophosphate pesticides linked to a civilian poisoning.

In the last decade Chris’ research has been mainly concerned with the development of high accuracy, low measurement uncertainty Reference Measurement Procedures (RMP) used to assign reference values to Certified Reference Materials (CRM) and EQA/PT schemes for environmental, food, forensic and clinical applications. Chris is a member of the Organic Analysis Working Group of the Consultative Committee for Amount of Substance (CCQM), which through the international bureau of weights and measures (BIPM) organise National Metrology Institute (NMI) laboratory intercomparisons in a quest to standardise global chemical and biochemical measurements. Much of Chris’ current work is focused in the area of immunosuppressant TDM, an area of measurement science where there is a direct link between the quality of measurement and patient welfare and therefore a beneficial use of Metrolology Institutes resources to help standardise their routine measurement in clinical laboratories across the globe.


David Holt is Emeritus Professor of Bioanalytics at St George’s, University of London, UK and is a director of Analytical Services International Ltd, which has laboratories on the St George’s Campus. He has more than 40 years’ experience in the measurement of drugs as a guide to therapy, and has been responsible for the development of assays used to monitor a wide variety of therapeutic agents. For over 20 years he was the Director of the Analytical Unit at St George’s, where he was also responsible for Forensic Toxicology Services provided to Her Majesty’s Coroners, pathologists and law enforcement agencies for the analysis of illicit and prescription drugs. Following a doctoral thesis on the measurement of digoxin he has been involved in definitive clinical pharmacokinetic studies of antiarrhythmic drugs, in particular amiodarone, and a broad range of immunosuppressive drugs. Currently, he is involved in the management of International Proficiency Testing Schemes for immunosuppressive drugs, in the identification of novel drugs entering the illicit drug market and in problems associated with the detection of drugs used in drug-facilitated crime, as well as in developing assays to assess the quality of drug formulations.

Professor Holt has advised on several consensus panels on immunosuppressive drug monitoring and is a frequent speaker on a broad range of issues relating to bioanalytics and clinical toxicology. He is the author of over 350 publications in peer reviewed journals and invited contributions to books. He is an active member of several national and international scientific societies involved in transplantation and cardiology and he is a past President of the International Association of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Clinical Toxicology.

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AB SCIEX Industry Workshop



Advancing your Toxicology Analyses; Adopting the Latest in Mass Spectrometry Innovations

Presenter: Matthew Clabaugh

Market Development Manager


An overview of new tools available for rapid and reliable screening methods for toxicological compounds as well as an approach for simultaneous quantitative and qualitative LC/MS/MS analysis will be given.


Introducing Mass Spectrometry into the Clinical Lab

Presenter: Dr. Jesse Seegmiller

Field Application Support Specialist


Why are so many clinical diagnostic laboratories adopting LC/MS/MS to provide rapid, accurate, and reliable test results? The advantages of this exciting technology will be discussed, as well as advances in the automation of sample preparation that can improve laboratory efficiency, and minimize costly errors.


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RapidFire/MS Applications: One Lab’s Experience

Presented by Agilent



Presenter: Paul J. Jannetto, Ph.D., DABCC, FACB, M.T.(ASCP)

Senior Associate Consultant

Mayo Clinic

Director, Toxicology and Drug Monitoring Lab

Director, Metals Lab

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Round Table – Future of IA vs. LCMS in TDM and ISD testing

Presented by Thermo Scientific


Thermo Scientific


David Holt, UK
David Berry, UK
Werner Steimer, MD- Germany
Eliane Billaud, France
Veronique Stove, Belgium
Teun Van Gelder, MD- Netherlands
Steven Wong, US


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